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SMSF (Self Managed Super Funds)
Superannuation is your retirement money. The money you will live on for the rest of your life doing the things you love to do- travel, golf, relaxing on a beach in a beautiful resort, cruises….. and the list goes on! So ask yourself the question…. Is Super Important to me and my family? If you’ve answered yes, then you need to understand the following:
  1. Industry Super Funds
  2. SMSF
Industry super funds are funds that are managed by an external organization and they invest your super money into things like property, businesses, bonds, banks etc. They hope to give you a return on your money and they take a fee or commission for doing that service for you.

Self managed Super Funds (SMSF) are just that. You manage your own super fund for the benefit of you. Usually SMSF return a greater amount, you have full control and you may use SMSF as part of your tax minimization strategy. Its not as daunting as you may think, however, you will need guidance and help because the Superannuation laws change all the time.

There are strict superannuation law and auditing measures that need to be adhered to. The rules and regulations on assets, investments and retirement payments are treated differently and it can be complicated at times and that’s where STC Partners, Perth Accountant can help.

The SMSF accountants at STC Partners, Perth Accountant are BGL oriented. BGL Simple Fund is Australia’s leading superannuation compliance solution for SMSF. Which is why we used BGL software for all SMSF accounts, so that we can provide you with the highest quality of compliance in managing your Superannuation Fund.

Our affordable SMSF accounting services will provide a complete report which will show your investment balance, investment return, capital growth, member balance and much much more. We can provide you with quarterly report, not end of year report so you always know where is your nest egg at.

Call us now, it may mean the difference of having a great holiday every year during your retirement or not having one at all! Call STC Partners, Perth Accountant, we have experts available now to help you.

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