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With our partners’ considerable professional and commercial experience, our practice is more than simply an accounting firm. Our business advice and management consulting expertise encompasses management structuring, investment strategies and financing, as well as feasibility studies, viability studies and cash flow projections. So whether you’re entering into a new business venture, or you’re keen to take your existing business forward, to the next level of wealth creation, we invite you to  contact our Perth office for more information.

More specifically, our experienced team will assist you in assessing and formulating sound management and investment strategies and options, entity structure, project financing needs and ongoing business funding requirements.

Our services also includes the followings:

  • Business health check
  • New business start ups and structure
  • Business re-structuring
  • Business strategic planning
  • Family business consulting
  • Financial modeling and analysis
  • Exit and divestment strategy
  • Business succession planning
  • Asset acquisition strategy and due diligence

If you are venturing into a new business, whether as an owner operator or investor, we strongly believe that it is in your best interests to see us before committing yourself to the venture. Our team will assist you with feasibility study, cash flow projection, business viability study, and funds sourcing.

Whether you need an effective business strategy or a simple project assessment, projection & analysis, our consultants are ready to assist you. Call our office today to enquire about business and management consulting on (08) 9362 1000 or email admin@stcpartners.com.au

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