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Modern day business entities operates in unprecedented complex market environment involving multiple stakeholders.  The 2008 global financial crisis, globalizing business entities, ever advancing technology, climate change issues leading to taxes etc, complex compliance rules involving government and non-government regulations, including myriad legislation, rules, guidelines administered by bodies or stakeholders to whom businesses need to account for their actions and activities on regular basis.

It is thus imperative that businesses, big or small, will require very good and efficient recording and accounting systems to capture the day to day business activities and to produce an acceptable sets of data accounting the business operations results for use by various stakeholders including government agencies like the Taxation Office, bankers, investors, creditors, stock exchanges , employees and their unions, so on and so forth.

For small and not so small businesses that do not have the in house resources and facilities to cope with these numerous accounting or reporting requirements, they may seek help from the modern day professional accountants like STC Partners.  With no less than 50 years practicing experience, the professional team at STC Partners is well equipped, experienced and proficient to assist businesses meeting their various reporting needs, timely and efficiently.

We provide support for accounting services (including regular bookkeeping works updating your accounting information requirements) to assist in our clients’ taxation and other legislative compliance requirements as well as other stakeholders’ needs.

Such services are also provided to serve clients’ internal accounting and information needs  such as providing financial and accounting data for budgeting, cash flow requirement, business funding support, etc. If required, we also provide IT support to your business
More specifically, our accounting services include the following professional services and consulting:-

  • Preparation of financial statements
  • Management and cost accounting
  • Business budgeting and cash flow statement preparation
  • Business software consulting
  • Inhouse financial and accounting system review, flowchart and setup
  • Bookkeeping services
  • Myob set-up and consulting
  • Business feasibility and viability study including cashflow projection

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